Remember: We’re in the majority!
When identifying yourself as a Catholic in support of marriage equality, note that as such you stand with the majority of Catholics. Recent and credible opinion polls show that U.S. Catholics – as many as 73% – are more supportive of LGBT rights, including same-sex marriage, than the general public and other Christians. [1, 2] Accordingly, be clear in stating that in actively working to legalize a ban on same-sex civil marriage, the Minnesota Catholic bishops are not representing the majority of Catholics.
1. Jones, Robert P. and Cox, Daniel. Catholic Attitudes on Gay and Lesbian Issues: A Comprehensive Portrait from Recent Research Analysis. Public Religion Research Institute: Washington, DC. March 2011.
2. Support for Gay Marriage Reaches a Milestone. ABC News/Washington Post poll: Gay Marriage (Langer Research Associates: New York). March 18, 2011.
NEXT TIP: Use the language of your Catholic faith and the teachings of the Church to inform and bolster your support of marriage equality and your opposition to the proposed “marriage amendment.”
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