Tips, Talking Points
and a Challenge or two
Tips on Speaking as a Catholic in Support of Marriage Equality
and Against the Proposed Marriage Amendment
The following tips and talking points have been compiled to help you talk as a Catholic about the issue of marriage equality with your family members, legislators, fellow parishioners, neighbors and friends.

In preparation for conversing with others, it’s recommended that you become familiar with the material below and home in on what aspects of it resonates with you. You may discover that these particular aspects enable you to communicate more passionately and confidently. Also, when talking about this issue it’s not necessary to delve into complex theological arguments. Keep your message simple and heartfelt. A key component is to be sure to state that
you are a Catholic, that you do not support the proposed marriage amendment, and that you do support marriage equality for all. Also, if you have LGBT loved ones in your life, mention what they, their spouses and/or their families mean to you, and how any constitutional amendment banning civil marriage for them would negatively impact their lives. In the final analysis, this is about basic fairness and compassion.
TIP #1
Remember: We’re in the majority!
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TIP #2
Use the language of your Catholic faith and the teachings of the Church to inform and bolster your support of marriage equality and your opposition to the proposed marriage amendment.
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TIP #3
Appeal to the “Golden Rule”
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TIP #4
Be prepared to be challenged
Your support of marriage equality may well be challenged, especially by fellow Catholics who oppose homosexuality and/or same-sex marriage.
Challenge #1
The official teaching of the pope and the bishops still stands: gay sexual relations are wrong. As a Catholic you should be following this teaching and not supporting gay marriage.
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Challenge #2
You’re cherry-picking the teachings of the Church when you highlight social justice teachings to support your cause but ignore the prohibitions on gay sex.
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Challenge #3
Isn’t it the church’s job to weigh in on important social issues? You’re not opposed to the bishops making statements on issues like immigration, are you?
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Challenge #4
The Bible condemns homosexuality and same-sex relationships.
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Challenge #5
The bishops are rightly concerned for the welfare of children. They’re adamant that children are in great danger when raised by a same-sex couple. This is because a same-sex couple’s relationship involves sexual acts that are fundamentally selfish and immoral. Children raised by couples who engage in such acts are disadvantaged and prone to all kinds of potential traumas and problems.
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